Welcome to Infokerk Computer Consultants CC.

Informasion technology for churches.

Infokerk - The Company.

Infokerk was founded in 1993 with the sole purpose of serving churches. Our service delivery consists mainly of:

Development of software for churches and ministers.

Infokerk's very first church administration program was still written in DOS and was provided to congregations on 2 x 360kB "floppies". Later, the program was revamped to work in the Windows environment and the first Windows program worked under Windows 3.1.

The latest version of Winkerk is designed for Windows 10.

Winkerk Online can work on any platform, from Windows computers, Apple computers and even tablets and mobile phones with the Android operating systems.

Telephonic support and training.

It is very simple to develop software, sell it to customers and then forget about it so that they have to struggle with the software on their own.

However, Infokerk's point of view is totally different. We would like to see that our clients not only acquire our software, but are fully equipped to utilize our software at all times and therefore training and telephone support are an integral part of our service to our clients.

5 Branches.

Infokerk has branches in Gauteng, the Cape, Freestate, Natal and Namibia.

15 Staff members.

We have a total of 15 staff members, most of whom are employed full-time and a number on a consulting basis. Our staff includes Ministers, Programmers, Auditors and Admin staff.

Community Projects.

Infokerk is also involved in a number of community projects, especially at underprivileged schools and also supports 2 missionaries abroad.